FxRevenues Review

FxRevenues Review

In this FxRevenues review, we outline compelling reasons why you should never consider signing up with this broker or trusting them under any circumstances. FxRevenues makes grand promises of a world-class trading experience, but we have serious reservations about the accuracy of these claims. FXrevenues is yet another unlicensed entity, plagued by the same issues commonly associated with such companies. It operates from a notorious offshore location known for scams and is accompanied by several questionable clauses that effectively prevent clients from withdrawing their profits.

Furthermore, the broker fails to offer competitive trading conditions, providing ample reasons to steer clear of this company at all costs.

Website – https://www.fxrevenues.org/, https://fxrevenues.com/

Address – Stoney Ground Road, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Warning – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Regulated – Unregulated, Blacklisted

About FxRevenues Regulation

The primary concern regarding FXrevenues pertains to its lack of regulatory oversight. FXrevenues is purportedly affiliated with VHNX Ltd, a company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which raises red flags due to the notorious absence of robust Forex market regulations in this region. 

Additionally, FXrevenues lacks a valid license from any external regulatory authority, rendering the company entirely unlicensed. Notably, this brokerage holds no other official registrations or licenses, affirming its status as an unregulated and potentially hazardous entity for all clientele.

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FxRevenues Review: Trading Platform

FxRevenues asserts the availability of a WebTrader and Mobile Apps, yet we were unable to verify this claim due to the impossibility of registration. To initiate an account, one is required to possess a Referral Code, which, regrettably, was not at our disposal. Such a requirement doesn’t reflect the best business practices. Referral codes are frequently distributed by unscrupulous brokers in an attempt to create an illusion of exclusivity. This circumstance strongly suggests that the company may be engaging in questionable activities.

FxRevenues Review: Trading Conditions

FxRevenues asserts its capability to offer exceptionally narrow spreads and a leverage ratio of 1:200, a level considered excessively risky for the majority of customers. It’s worth noting that the 1:200 leverage ratio is already prohibited in several jurisdictions, including the EU, UK, and Australia, due to the substantial risks it entails. These regions limit retail customers to a maximum leverage of 1:30. Consequently, we can affirm that FxRevenues’ services carry an unnecessary level of risk. The available instruments for trading encompass a range of options, including Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and others.

FxRevenues Review: Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

FXrevenues has established a minimum deposit requirement of $250, a relatively high amount considering the availability of brokers nowadays offering micro accounts for as little as $10. While the funding methods are not explicitly outlined, the Terms and Conditions indicate that Credit/Debit cards, Wire Transfers, and Crypto deposits are potential options.

In terms of withdrawals, the conditions provided by FXrevenues are not competitive, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50. In contrast, regulated brokers typically impose no or minimal restrictions on withdrawals, allowing clients to withdraw their funds as they see fit. Moreover, these regulated brokers often provide fee transparency, whereas FXrevenues’ fee structure remains unspecified, leaving room for potential charges on various occasions.

FxRevenues Review: Conclusion

FXrevenues is one of the numerous fraudulent brokers that employ websites as bait to deceive victims into parting with their money. Their trading platform appears to be more of a simulator rather than an authentic trading platform. Nevertheless, a review like this one can at least serve as a cautionary notice that this broker is poised to abscond with your funds.

If you find yourself ensnared in a FxRevenues scam or any other such fraudulent activity, such as a forex scam, cryptocurrency scam, investment scam, or romance scam, there exists a proactive avenue for seeking restitution. Simply complete a complaint form on our website, and you will be entitled to a free consultation with our experts to discuss potential strategies for recovering your lost funds.

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