Intelligence Prime Capital Review

Intelligence Prime Capital Review

The online trading industry is home to numerous brokers that promise lucrative opportunities and attractive returns. One such entity is Intelligence Prime Capital, a broker that claims to be based in Canada. However, beneath the surface, many have raised concerns about the legitimacy of this platform. In this Intelligence Prime Capital Review, we’ll uncover the red flags associated with Intelligence Prime Capital and why it is often labeled a scam.

Website –,,,,

Address – 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1304 Toronto ON M5E 1W7, Canada

Warned by – Financial Markets Authority (New Zealand), Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Spain), and British Columbia Securities Commission (Canada)

Regulated – Unregulated

Domain Age – 

Date RegisteredJune 08, 2021
Domain Age2 years, 4 months, 25 days, 5 hours, 33 minutes, 9 seconds

Dubious Registration Claims

Intelligence Prime Capital was purportedly registered in Canada in 2021. This registration assertion is one of the first signs of concern. While Canada is known for its strong financial regulations, there is no concrete evidence that proves the legitimacy of Intelligence Prime Capital’s claim. This lack of transparency casts doubt on the broker’s credibility.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review: Ownership and Regulation

For a company that caters to US clients, stringent regulatory compliance and transparency are expected. However, Intelligence Prime Capital fails to meet these standards. The ownership of the trading company is attributed to Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd, but no verifiable information is available about this entity. Furthermore, the absence of clear regulatory oversight is a glaring issue, as regulatory frameworks provide essential protection for traders.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review: Warning Signs and Flaws

Intelligence Prime Capital exhibits a range of concerning characteristics. Many traders have reported issues such as difficulties in withdrawing funds, sluggish customer support, and platform malfunctions. These negative experiences echo the suspicions that the broker may not operate with integrity.

Furthermore, alongside the absence of regulatory oversight, there are explicit cautionary alerts issued by reputable regulatory bodies. Authorities such as the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) in New Zealand, the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) in Canada, and the BCSC (British Columbia Securities Commission) in Canada have all issued official warnings regarding this broker.

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Lack of Trading Conditions

Crucial trading conditions such as details about leverage, spreads, and fees are conspicuously absent. The broker keeps everything shrouded in mystery. This is why we strongly recommend that traders seek out Tier 1 regulated brokers offering transparency in trading conditions, clear ownership information, and valid licensing.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review: Withdrawal Issues

Intelligence Prime Capital remains completely silent regarding deposit and withdrawal processes. Given the company’s push for cryptocurrency usage and the requirement of a wallet, it is reasonable to assume that they will accept deposits in cryptocurrencies and potentially permit withdrawals through the same means if they allow withdrawals at all.

The Absence of Trustworthy Reviews

A legitimate broker often boasts a history of positive reviews and feedback from satisfied clients. In contrast, Intelligence Prime Capital lacks a significant online presence with trusted reviews. The scarcity of credible endorsements raises doubts about the authenticity of the platform.

Why You Should Exercise Caution with Intelligence Prime Capital?

Intelligence Prime Capital’s claims of high returns and lucrative opportunities are enticing. Still, the lack of verifiable information about its registration and ownership, combined with the absence of regulatory safeguards and negative user experiences, should give potential investors ample reason to exercise caution.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review: Conclusion     

If you’ve become a victim of scams like Intelligence Prime Capital or others, including forex, cryptocurrency, binary scams, and more, it’s essential to act swiftly. Begin the process of reclaiming your funds by submitting a complaint here. Our team specializes in managing these complaints and aiding in the fund recovery of your finances. Taking prompt action is crucial to mitigate the potential harm and expedite the resolution process.

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