Empire Fx Plus Review

Empire Fx Plus Review

Empire Fx Plus Review: Introduction

Empire Fx Plus presents itself as an enticing website, promoting excellent trading conditions and alluring trading bonuses. However, beneath this facade lies an evident scam. In truth, there is little reason to place trust in Empire Fx Plus, claiming to be “one of the world’s leading forex and CFD brokers.” In this Empire Fx Plus review, we reveal that the broker behind the Empirefxplus.com website is a fraudulent entity that cannot deliver any form of passive income.

This trust is misplaced, as the broker’s credentials cannot be verified within the registers of any official regulatory institution.

Website – http://empirefxplus.com/

Address – London, UK

Warning – Not Recommended By Review Website Like Fraud Reports Recovery

Regulated – Unregulated

Empire Fx Plus Review – Domain Age

Domain Nameempirefxplus.com
Date RegisteredSeptember 18, 2022
Domain Age1 year, 1 month, 11 days, 7 hours, 10 minutes, 43 seconds

About Empire Fx Plus Regulation

EmpireFxPlus operates in complete anonymity. Even its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy documents fail to disclose the identity of any legal entity or applicable jurisdiction. This renders these documents legally null and void.

The website displays a contact address in London, United Kingdom. However, this address appears to be fabricated, as an anonymous website like this cannot legally provide brokerage services in a regulated jurisdiction like the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the absence of a company name and registration number strongly suggests that EmpireFxPlus lacks essential licensing from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A thorough check of the regulator’s database reveals no authorized broker operating under the trade name and domain of EmpireFxPlus.

Empire Fx Plus Review: Trading Platform

An unbranded MetaTrader 4 web trader was indeed accessible for the demo account, this alone does little to enhance Empire Fx Plus’s credibility. Additionally, there remains uncertainty regarding whether MetaTrader 4 is genuinely available for live accounts. It appears that EmpireFxPlus lacks a functional trading platform altogether.

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Empire Fx Plus Review: Trading Conditions

EmpireFxPlus purportedly presents a selection of six trading account types. However, given the absence of legal authorization and the software’s limitations, it becomes apparent that EmpireFxPlus doesn’t facilitate genuine trading in financial instruments. Moreover, the parameters specified on the website provide additional clues that cast doubt on EmpireFxPlus’s status as a licensed broker operating in the UK.

The initial piece of evidence is the extraordinarily high leverage ratios featured in the account descriptions, reaching up to 1:5000. While high leverage offers the potential for substantial profits, it also heightens the risk of sudden and excessive losses. The spread, pegged at 3.3 pips, is twice the industry average. Adding to the suspicions, the minimum deposit requirement of 500 USD proves to be significantly disadvantageous for potential traders.

Empire Fx Plus Review: Payment Methods

Empire Fx Plus claims to support payments through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Payeer, and Perfect Money. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that the only available payment options are Bitcoin and Ethereum. EmpireFxPlus also lacks transparency regarding its fees and withdrawal conditions. Scammers frequently employ various tactics to obstruct withdrawal requests, often demanding a minimum traded volume as a prerequisite.

Empire Fx Plus Review: Conclusion

The Empire Fx Plus scam serves as a strong reminder of the essential caution and meticulous research required in the realm of online trading. Even though genuine and potentially lucrative trading prospects are available, scams persistently emerge, targeting the trust of unsuspecting investors. To safeguard both yourself and your investments, it is vital to consistently practice due diligence, maintain a vigilant approach, and stay well-informed about potential risks.

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