Edgemadexoption Review

Edgemadexoption Review

Edgemadexoption – A Deceptive Forex Broker

Despite presenting itself as a regulated and award-winning forex broker, Edgemadexoption is far from it. In reality, the website is full of misleading information. This Edgemadexoption review will provide evidence to support these claims and offer more trustworthy alternatives.

Edgemadexoption purports to be a legitimate Forex broker in the United Kingdom, but in reality, it operates without proper regulation. Rather than helping you profit from the financial markets, Edgemadexoptions primary objective is to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Website – https://edgemadexoption.com/

Address – 73 Halifax Road, Liversedge WF15 9JR, United Kingdom

Regulation Status – Unregulated, Blacklisted

Warned By – The Financial Commission (Independent)

Domain Age – 

Domain Nameedgemadexoption.com
Date RegisteredJune 02, 2022
Domain Age1 year, 5 months, 8 days, 19 hours, 20 minutes, 39 seconds

Is Edgemadexoption legitimate or a scam broker?

Edgemadexoption, a London-based company, has been running without proper regulation from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This non-compliance with the law makes their operations in the country questionable. 

Our investigation has uncovered that the International Finance Commission, an independent self-regulatory organization, has issued a warning about the company based on several reports from traders who have claimed that their website is fraudulent. Given these major red flags and deceitful claims, we strongly advise against engaging with Edgemadexoption.

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Edgemadexoption Review: Concerns Regarding Trading Platform

Edgemadexoption boasts an exceptional software experience, but its web-based platform may not be the best choice for everyone since it only offers TradingView-enabled charts. As a result, we advise you to exercise caution and consider established and dependable brokers that offer reliable trading software to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Edgemadexoption Review: Deceptive Trading Instruments

Edgemadexoption claims to offer to trade in forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and binary options. However, the platform lacks the necessary licenses and software to support these claims. Moreover, binary options trading is banned by all regulators from which Edgemadexoption claims to hold a license. Even the UK FCA prohibits the trading of crypto derivatives. Therefore, these claims are not only false but also provide clear evidence that Edgemadexoption is a fraudulent trading platform.

Deposit Requirements and Transparency Issues 

Edgemadexoption’s minimum trading deposit requirement of $500 is significantly higher than the industry standard of $200, which is maintained by most reputable brokers. Their highest-tier account also demands a minimum deposit of $100,000. While this may not be a problem for some traders, it is important to note that Edgemadexoption website lacks clear information about withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amounts. 

This lack of transparency raises concerns and makes it difficult for traders to comprehend the costs associated with withdrawing their funds. Trustworthy brokers prioritize transparency, and the absence of these details is a cause for alarm.

Edgemadexoption Review: Trading Conditions

Edgemadexoption employs a strategy of making bold claims about providing exceptional trading conditions and showcasing competitive spreads. However, despite these assertions, the leverage details of the platform are still unclear.


In conclusion, Edgemadexoption reveals itself as a potential scam with alarming red flags. From an unregulated status to questionable withdrawal processes, the risks associated with this platform are evident. Caution is advised, and potential investors should exercise diligence to protect themselves from falling victim to the potential pitfalls of the Edgemadexoption scam.

If you been a victim of an Edgemadexoption scam or any other form of dishonest activity, such as forex, cryptocurrency, investment, or romantic fraud? Fret not, as there is a way to reclaim your lost funds. Simply fill out a complaint form on our website and you will receive a free consultation with one of our professionals. They will explain the available options and guide you through the process of fund recovery.

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